Travel Advice

Hobson Health offers a full vocational travel medicine and vaccination programme wherever in the world your employees need to travel as part of your business.  We aim to help prepare your employees for a healthy and productive trip!

Contact us on 01782 574200/ to find out what travel medicine is needed for your required destinations.

 What is included?

  • A health questionnaire assessed by a qualified nurse who will work with you to assess the risks of the chosen destination to determine the requirements for the trip.
  • Based on the initial screening and chosen destination you will be offered health advice which may or may not include a series of vaccinations and prophylactic treatments to prevent known diseases such as Malaria.

Why is it needed? 

  • To reduce the risk of contracting conditions known to be prevalent in the areas you will be visiting.
  • To reduce the risk of long-term deteriorating health and sickness absence as a result of those conditions.

Who needs it?

Employees travelling abroad for work if there is a risk of cross infection and/or where medical facilities and sanitation are poor.

What is the process? 

Employer to identify individuals who may be required to travel and what destinations are likely. This should be done at least 3 months in advance of travel to ensure appropriate screening and vaccination programmes can take place.

  • Contact the OH administrators to arrange the initial screening and where required follow up appointment either at the employer’s premises or at Hobson Health.
  • If vaccinations are required you will be advised of the risks of having the vaccination and not having the vaccination so that you can make an informed choice in this regard. There may be differing requirements for long and short stay visits, it is therefore important that occupational health work with you in risk assessing the visit to ensure you are able to make appropriate choices.
  • Different vaccines may require between one and three injections over a prescribed time frame. Some vaccines may require a blood test to determine how you have responded and to ensure you are protected as far as possible. Some vaccines can only be issued from approved premises and you will be informed if you will be required to attend an alternative facility.
  • Some destinations require an assessment of the risk of contracting malaria. There are different treatments, all in tablet form, but not all suitable for all destinations. As part of the assessment, you will be provided with information on the most effective treatments and the risks associated with the treatments and in not taking them so that you are in the best position to make the appropriate choice
  • Most vaccinations and malaria treatments can be provided by occupational health. Where vaccinations need to be provided from an approved facility information about facilities closest to your location can be provided.

How often is it needed? 

  • Malaria treatments will be required each time you travel to a high-risk area although the treatment of choice may be different
  • Vaccinations will last between 3 and 25 years, you will be provided with a vaccination schedule with the date of any boosters required. Hobson Health can also send reminders when these recalls are due

It should be noted that travel vaccines and malaria treatments are not guaranteed to totally protect an individual but they do provide the best protection currently available. All other precautions regarding travel should still be adhered to. Advice specific to the chosen destination will be provided as part of the appointment