Safety Critical Medicals

Certain occupations can involve high-risk tasks that require an individual to be both physically and mentally fit. Individuals who work in these professions are often known as safety-critical workers. It’s vital that businesses ensure that employees in these positions are fit for the tasks they are undertaking which is determined through our safety critical medicals. We can complete the medicals at our clinics, or on customers’ own sites.

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Why are they needed?

An individual may have a medical condition that could adversely affect their health, leading to a situation which could potentially endanger themselves or their colleagues whilst at work. Possible medical conditions may include a sudden loss of consciousness or incapacity, impairment of airways, loss of concentration, poor balance or coordination or significant limitation of mobility. Our medicals make sure that site employees are fit and healthy, and that employers meet legislative and site requirements for health screening.

Who needs a Safety Critical Medical?

The types of roles that require these medicals include:
• Individuals working at height

• Forklift truck drivers

• Individuals working in confined spaces

• Roadside (high-speed) workers

• Plant operators

• Drivers and mechanical operators

• Construction workers

• Waste industry operational staff and drivers

What is involved in a Safety Critical Medical? 

The exact composition of the medical depend on the job being undertaken. All safety critical workers will complete a health questionnaire, which is then followed by a series of tests, all of which are designed to assess whether they are currently fit for the task.

The medicals can include:

• blood pressure

• hearing

• lung function

• skin checks

• vision

Some employers also require a drug and alcohol test.

How long is the medical?

The medicals are generally one hour in duration. This may differ slightly for some companies depending on the specific exposures.

What happens after my medical? 

A certificate will be issued that summarises the tests which have been conducted, the results and a statement of fitness. Where applicable adjustments will be advised, as will any further review dates which are determined by each employer.

What happens if I am classed as unfit for my role? 

Any individual who is assessed as ‘not fit to work’ can be treated, referred to their GP and monitored over time. They can be retested when improvements have been made, with the hope of allowing them to return to their safety critical roles.

We offer an assessment either by our specialist nurse advisors or occupational physicians carried out at our office or on your own premises where we can observe an individual’s working practices.

We will advise on any reasonable adjustments you may need to consider in terms of the Equality Act 2010.