RUK Wind Turbine Medical

The RUK Wind Turbine Medical is an assessment of an individual’s fitness to work on offshore and land-based projects for the renewable energy sector.

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Why is it needed?

Employees working on renewable energy projects may be exposed to a number of hazards such as:

• Heights

• Confined Spaces

• Noise

• Heat

• Cold

• Remote locations

• Hazards involved in construction and maintenance work

This medical is useful in assessing if:

• A worker is able to perform their job effectively

• The job could make a pre-existing medical problem worse

• The work could put the employee or others at risk

• The worker has a medical problem that could lead to them needing a medical evacuation

Who needs it?

Employees working on renewable energy projects based onshore and in near offshore locations within the UK. This includes wind turbine technicians and other personnel who may need to work, access or climb a medium or large wind turbine.

How often is it needed? 

The medicals usually take place at pre-employment or pre-placement. Workers will then need periodic medicals usually every two years, but they may be needed more frequently if the doctor recommends it. A medical can also be needed after a significant incident, injury or sickness absence.

What is the process?

The worker arrives at the centre and completes a medical screening questionnaire Height, weight and BMI are calculated Blood pressure and pulse are measured

A hearing test takes place

A urine sample is taken and tested for blood, glucose and ketones

A visual check takes place Lung function is tested

A Chester step test is performed to measure the worker’s aerobic capacity

A consultation with a doctor takes place

Is a certificate provided?

If the worker is found to be fit then a certificate is issued in accordance with:

• RenewableUK Medical Fitness to Work – Wind Turbine – Guidelines for near offshore and land based projects.

• And Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Medical Examination requirements as set out in GWO Basic Safety Training (Version 0-02-02-2012)