Night worker screening

The Working Time Regulations 1998 require employers to offer health assessments to night workers, shift workers or any person who works extended hours of work.

Hobson Health offers a cost-effective night shift worker questionnaire that fulfils these obligations – with a face to face follow up appointment with an occupational health advisor should any areas of concern be raised.

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Why are they needed?

• Employers must take into account that night work may impact on an individual’s wellbeing.

• A repeat assessment must be offered at regular intervals.

• To ensure that employees’ health and safety is not put at risk by virtue of night shift work, e.g. where strict medication regimes may be a contra-indication.

• To monitor those with existing health conditions.

Who needs it? 

• Employees prior to the commencement of night shift work.

• Employees working continuing night shift work.

How often is it needed? 

• Employers are obliged to offer night worker health assessment at regular intervals. Annual assessment has become the best practice for many employers.

What is the process?

• Assessment can be conducted via a night shift questionnaire. This should be completed by the night worker and posted to Hobson Health in a sealed envelope.
• An occupational health practitioner will assess the questionnaire and cross-reference to the employee’s existing OH file as necessary.
• A follow-up telephone consultation will be completed if required.
• Hobson Health will send a written report to the employer indicating fitness for night work or if a face to face assessment with OH is required. An appointment date will be agreed with the employer & employee for discussion and any further advice.
• The assessment must be done at regular intervals. Annually has been the preferred timescale of many employers.