New employee assessments

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is against the law for employers to discriminate against an employee because of reduced capacity. An employer has to have made an offer of employment prior to initiating any screening for health issues which may affect capability.

Once screened, if a reduced capability is identified, an employer must look at ‘reasonable adjustments’ to avoid anyone being disadvantaged in the workplace due to any health condition whether physical or mental as governed under the act.

Reasonable adjustments will vary from role to role and differ between individuals. These may include flexibility in working hours or providing a specialist piece of equipment to help an individual to fulfil the role effectively.

An employer may or may not be able to accommodate adjustments which would determine if the offer of employment is to continue. Alternatively, despite having a recognized condition covered under the Act, adjustments may not be required.

Hobson Health offers a range of new employee health assessments to enable employers to make the appropriate decision based on the most relevant information,

These include cost-effective questionnaires, telephone consultations and full face to face pre-placement medicals

Our clinical staff assess whether any pre-existing health conditions could impact on the job or whether the job may potentially impact their health condition. Advice on reasonable adjustments is provided enabling the employer to make the most appropriate decision for both employer and employee.





Why are they needed?

• To gather baseline information and health measurements where there are specific hazards and ongoing health surveillance requirements. This assists with health monitoring but also provides data in the event of compensation claims.

• To ensure legal compliance with HASAW Act 1974 and Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulation regarding risk assessment and duty of care.

• So that existing health symptoms are not exacerbated by work activities and that foreseeable risk of injury is minimized.

• To enable the OHA to provide detailed advice regarding adjustments that should be considered.

• To advise about a risk of absence

Who needs it?

• Prospective employees who have already been identified by the OH team as requiring further assessment after completion of a preplacement health declaration.

• Internal or external applicants where there are known significant risk factors associated with their job, e.g. respiratory sensitizers, working at heights, forklift truck driving.

• Where the employer has a recruitment policy of pre-employment health assessment as a condition for all job applicants.

• Prospective employees with known disabilities where assessment is required

How often is it needed?

• Pre-employment.

• Pre-placement, dependent on a significant change of tasks or health & safety risks.

What is the process?

• Contact Hobson Health to arrange an appointment and indicate job role/risk factors or other specified requirements.
• Where OH has already assessed a pre-employment health questionnaire, the OH team will advise the employer in writing and an appointment will be scheduled.
• Assessment can be completed during a routine OH clinic, ad-hoc on-site visits or at Hobson Health central offices.
• OH will send a written report to the employer advising on capability for work, any recommendations and guidance on further health surveillance needs.

An individual face to face assessment with a screening nurse or OH advisor of a prospective employee’s fitness and capability for work.