Ill health retirement

We have extensive experience in advising on ill health retirement and work with a large number of pension schemes.

We engage a number of Independent Registered Medical Practitioners capable of advising on permanent incapacity under the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations and who work to the ALAMA guidelines.

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What are ill health retirement assessments?

Part of Hobson Health’s health referral programme, ill health retirement referrals asses individuals against agreed ill-health retirement pension criteria

Why are they needed?

To allow employees to access relevant pension benefits

Who needs one? 

Employees in a relevant pension scheme who are unfit to continue their contracted job role after all adjustments, adaptations, sickness absence and redeployment options have been considered and where their employment is to be terminated.

How often are they needed?

Before the termination of the contract due to incapability, once all other options have been considered.

The employee has a right to appeal the decision, but usually additional significant medical evidence would be required.

What is the process? 

The employee may have been assessed by an occupational health advisor as part of the employer’s absence/capability management processes.

Up to date, medical reports(s) would usually be obtained from the employee’s GP and/or specialist.

An appointment with an occupational health physician is required for medical assessment.

A written application for ill health retirement is required, along with confirmation of the employee’s impending termination of employment.

The employee’s medical evidence is assessed by independent occupational health physicians.

The occupational health consultant will correspond with the referring manager with the relevant certificate as appropriate.