Fork lift truck driver medicals

Our forklift truck medicals can be provided on clients’ own sites, or at our premises in Stoke on Trent and Northwich.  They consist of a 20-minute appointment with an occupational health nurse.

In line with DVLA requirements, the HSE suggests you screen all existing and potential workplace transport operators for fitness before employment and at five-yearly intervals from age 45.  A workplace transport operator who continues after age 65 should have annual assessments for fitness.

An assessment after an absence of more than one month or after a shorter absence if it is likely that the illness has affected the worker’s fitness to operate workplace transport is also recommended.

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Why are they needed? 

Considered best practice by the HSE.

To ensure that employees driving on behalf of your business are fit and safe to continue this function.
To ensure drivers meet minimum health requirements as per DVLA and HSE guidance.

To reduce the risk of foreseeable serious accidental injury such as following a sudden collapse at the wheel.

Who needs it? 

Forklift truck (FLT) driver, counterbalance and reach trucks

How often is it needed?

There is no legal requirement, however employer best practice indicates the recommended 3 yearly reviews for all categories of drivers to age 65 years and annually thereafter.

Where the employee develops significant health, mobility, cognitive or behavioural problems.

After long-term sickness absence where an individual’s fitness to drive may have been affected and before the resumption of driving.

Following an accident where health may have been a contributory factor.

What is the process?

Managers identify drivers requiring assessment, particularly pre-employment, pre-training or pre-job transfer.

A 20-minute appointment can be booked either during routine OH clinic or on an individual basis and can be on site or at Hobson Health. This will be completed by a competent occupational health practitioner.

Assessment is by health questionnaire, blood pressure, urine and vision testing.

Where employees do not meet the required standards they will be asked to consult their GP or an optician. In the event of significant concerns of physical or mental status, medical information can be requested from their GP or specialist or an appointment arranged to see our OH physician.

All DVLA Group 2 drivers require a medical examination with an OH physician for DVLA purposes on the initial license application, 5 yearly between age 45 years and 65 years. Group 2 drivers’ documents are completed for DVLA purposes and handed back to the individual.

We will send a fitness for driving report for management records.