Display screen equipment assessments

A display screen equipment (DSE) test is a vision and ergonomic screening test for regular users of display screen equipment.

Display screen equipment is a device or equipment that has an alphanumeric or graphic display screen, regardless of the display process involved; it includes both conventional display screens and those used in emerging technologies such as laptops, touch-screens and other similar devices (www.hse.gov.uk).

The use of display screen equipment may, in a small number of users, contribute to upper limb disorders – aches and pains in the hands, wrists, arms, neck, shoulders, back etc and/or visual difficulties where eyes can become tired and existing conditions can become more noticeable.

Hobson Health can help you reduce this risk by advising on effective workplace and job design and we provide vision testing according to the latest DSE Regulations.

What is display screen equipment testing?

The display screen equipment test is simple vision screening test for regular users of display screen equipment.

Why is it needed?

To comply with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992) and local employer’s policy.

Who needs it?

• Existing or pending employees who meet the criteria of DSE ‘user’ where they are habitual operators of DSE screens for significant part of normal work.
• Users of CCTV and those using laptop computers for prolonged periods.
• Employees have the right to request an appointment with an optician, irrespective of whether they are assessed by OH, even though no permanent damage is likely to be caused by DSE use.

How often is it needed?

• On recruitment to work involving DSE use (irrespective of use of a home PC).

• Typically two yearly vision tests will be offered. • At the employee’s request if they complain of headaches, eye strain or other visual symptoms.

What is the process?

• Notify the administrative staff of scheduled appointments which can be completed at Hobson Health or on site.

• Offer vision test to DSE users; employees attend on an optional basis; the vision test itself is not a compulsory requirement.

• Allow a 15 minute appointment per person.

• Can be completed by OH adviser or screening nurse.

• Management will be provided with a written report, specifically indicating if an eyesight test with an optician is recommended and if lenses are likely to be required specifically for DSE use. A workstation risk assessment with the local health & safety risk assessor or via OH may be recommended in the event of musculo-skeletal health symptoms.