Posted by Adrienne Hall on 06 March 2019

Hobson Health provides Occupational Health services to a huge range of private and public sector clients across the UK. We are a successful, growing family-owned company and pride ourselves on the quality of our provision and our excellent customer service.

We are currently seeking to recruit an Occupational Health Advisor in the Worksop area for a regular fortnightly mixed clinic (referrals and screening) onsite with our client.

The role can be as an Hobson Health employee or independent providers can apply.

As well as the regular clinic there will be sporadic ad-hoc work available, the further the candidate can travel the more potential work can be offered.

Candidates must have their own equipment and be able to word process certificates and scan documents back to the Hobson Health office as they will be working remotely.

To apply for this role please send your CV to Tracey.Davis@hobsonhealth.co.uk