Hobson Health Company Statement

We believe that the success of our business depends on professional competence, skill and motivation.

To achieve this we will create a working environment in which employees:

  • Can develop to their potential and make the best use of their abilities.
  • Will have pay and rewards which properly reflect their performance and value to the business.
  • Will understand clearly the business objectives so that they can make their full contribution.
  • Maintain effective communication with their manager to ensure their needs and concerns are understood.
  • Operate as part of a team so that they can support each other whilst maintaining an effective client service focus.
  • Are treated and treat other employees equitably and fairly.

Our personnel policies are founded on these principles, which mean that we do not seek to differentiate between employees simply on the grounds of status thus ensuring that managers work closely with their team members.

We provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age or disability. We will apply employment policies that are fair, equitable and consistent with the skills and abilities of our employees and the needs of the business. We look to each employee for support in implementing these policies to ensure that all employees are accorded an equal opportunity for recruitment, training and promotion and, in all jobs of like work, on equal terms and conditions of employment.

We will not condone any discriminatory act or attitude in the conduct of our business with the public or our employees. Acts of harassment or discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age or disability are disciplinary offences.

The policies, procedures, rules and benefits that apply to employees of Hobson Health Limited are intended to ensure that the principles stated are kept. In return, Hobson Health Limited employees are expected to do everything possible to ensure the business success whilst “supporting” our clients.

Hobson Health is registered in England company number 4291445.