Chemical industry

We have many customers working within the chemical industry, including COMAH sites and some of the UKs leading brands.

The chemicals sector has one of the highest rates of occupational diseases such as asthma, dermatitis and cancer (

Hobson Health works with industry clients to help them to determine their legislative occupational health requirements.  We also advise on best practice initiatives within the sector and offer a wide range of proactive absence management and health and wellbeing activities.

We deliver a wide range of biological monitoring tests to measure and assess chemicals or their metabolites (substances the body converts the chemical into) in exposed workers. These measurements are made on samples of breath, urine or blood, or any combination of these. Biological monitoring measurements reflect the total uptake of a chemical by an individual by all routes (inhalation, ingestion, through the skin or by a combination of these routes)

We advise customers of other sectors who may be using chemicals within their daily work – for example schools, colleges and universities and who use various chemicals as part of a wider manufacturing process.

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