The Sixth Edition of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s flagship publication, Fitness For Work, was published in February 2019.

Widely known as the Occupational Health bible, the textbook is used extensively by Occupational Health doctors and nurses as well as by GPs, specialists and human resources managers.

Owner of Hobson Health, Dr John Hobson, has been responsible for editing the sixth edition having previously been an assistant editor and contributor to some of the previous editions. John talks about completing a project that has been over two years in the making.

“It was a great privilege to be asked to take over responsibility for editing the next edition of such a prestigious medical textbook. It was also a lot of work! Fortunately I was in the very lucky position of being able to take some time away from the business to complete the textbook and I am really grateful to the wonderful team at Hobson Health who kept things running in my absence.

The book is unique in that it pulls together the expertise of more than 60 specialists, some of them Occupational Health doctors, some of them medical or surgical specialists, and provides really practical advice and guidance on managing health problems within the workplace.

The book ensures that all the latest evidence has been researched as well as drawing on the vast experience of all the specialists who have spent their career advising about fitness to work. The world of health and medical research is moving so quickly that a lot of the chapters had to be extensively rewritten and we also took the opportunity to overhaul the structure of the book. Hopefully now it is even more clear and practical and enables those working in occupational health to find the advice and guidance they need.

Overall I am pleased with what we achieved but also relieved it is over! That is at least until the seventh edition but then it might be time for someone else to have a go, perhaps one of the doctors currently in training with Hobson Health? And the other benefit of being involved in such a fantastic project is that the businesses and organisations we work with and most importantly the people they employ will gain by getting the most up to date Occupational Health expertise. In terms of protecting worker health and enhancing worker well-being this has to be good.”

If you would like to know more about the sixth edition of Fitness For Work and the guidance it contains, John is happy to talk further about the textbook and the latest thinking on fitness to work.


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