Hobson Health owner Dr John Hobson completed The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme, graduating in December 2018. John tells us what the programme is and what it entailed.

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme is designed to provide high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of high-growth small businesses and social enterprises across the country.

These businesses play a vital role in creating jobs and driving economic growth in the UK through innovation and market expansion. The programme was established in 2010 to specifically address the support gap for small enterprises, helping them to unlock the economic and job creation potential of their businesses.

The programme is designed by leading experts and is run in partnership with the Said Business School at Oxford University, the Aston Centre for Growth at Aston University, Leeds University Business School at University of Leeds, and the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Hobson Health owner Dr John Hobson tells the story of his journey here:

“I first became aware of the GS10KSB programme in the spring of 2018 when the Chamber of Commerce organised an event to publicise the programme. I had not heard about it before and at the time I was taking time away from the business to edit a medical textbook and pursue some other projects relating to my academic commitments. One thing lead to another and after a quite demanding application and selection process, I was invited onto the programme starting in September.

I found myself in a room in Manchester’s Northern Quarter with seventy other business owners and very quickly realised what an incredible group of people I was part of. My cohort consisted of 35 businesses who varied from manufacturers of dog food to designers of wedding shoes. The tuition we received from the academics and business leaders running the course was mind blowing; it completely changed my ideas about business and my mindset on many aspects of life.

After ten weeks of intensive learning online and with residentials in Oxford I graduated at a ceremony in the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford University which was something really special. The programme is one of the best things I have ever done and I find myself raving about it to anyone and everyone who will listen!

The outcome of the course was our business growth plan which I am now starting to implement. The statistics concerning businesses that go through the programme are impressive with the majority showing significant growth even in the first year after the programme. Whether we do grow or not, I know that the things I have learned will not only benefit our business but the businesses and organisations we work with and most importantly the people they employ in terms of protecting their health and enhancing their well-being.

I would recommend the course to anyone who owns or runs their own business and I am very happy to talk to anyone who might be interested in doing it or any of our partners who would like to understand more about our plans for the future.”

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